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Every time krycek appears in an episode it’s like

Mulder: krycek what are you doing here
The audience: what’s krycek doing here
Krycek: what am I doing here where am i

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Misha’s Saturday morning coffee lounge @ AECON 4


The coffee lounge started out with Misha asking where the rest of us were, since there were still several empty seats. We explained that they were probably stuck in photo ops or autograph queues since the con was already running almost half an hour behind schedule at this point. Misha: “It’s not my fault this time, I was doing exactly as I was told!”

He then randomly launches into a story about ticks. “I collected a lot of ticks. You know what ticks are? The little bug that burrows into your skin? Zecken, yes. So there was a Zecken here, and a Zecken here, and I wonder where else on my body there are ticks right now, I don’t know.” After a brief interlude of trolling the moderator who was bringing him his tea: “Zecken. So you’re supposed to pull them out, but not leave their head in your body. No, you’re not supposed to twist them. I looked online and it says you’re not supposed to twist it, because it’s more likely to leave the head in there. Just pull it straight out. Anyway, I left the head in there, so it’s kinda itchy and gross.”

At this point, multiple fans start asking how he acquired these ticks in the first place. “Well, I travel with a small tin full of ticks…” The Russian fans suggest rubbing oil on it, which Misha seems somewhat skeptical about. “Really? Maybe that’s just Russian ticks.”

He messes with the moderator some more before asking how everyone’s doing, which of the fans have done conventions before and who are first-timers, etc, and then starts taking questions.

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I am actually crying rn bc of Cas and that kid omg


too precious

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